10 More Ways Santa can use his iPhone for Mobile Marketing

It looks like Santa already got his techy Christmas present. You may have seen the newest Apple iPhone 4S commercials with Siri. You see, Santa uses Siri (the voice controlled personal assistant) to conduct his business of delivering toys and Christmas cheer around the world. When you think about it, how else would he be able to effectively do his magic?

Check out the clever and cute commercial below, where Santa asks Siri for weather updates, directions, and emails of naughty & nice lists. I love the whole thing, but Siri saying, “you have 3.7 billion appointments” tops it off.


By the way, did you notice that nowhere in that ad were the words “iPhone” or “Siri” mentioned? This is the kind of subtle attention-getting commercial that we expect from Apple.

Smart phones (and yes, I undoubtedly lean towards Apple products) have changed the way we communicate and stay connected in more ways than we can imagine. As marketers, we need to think about how we can reach our customers on their mobile device, in addition to how we can use our Smart phones to serve our customers better.

Just for fun, going back to my pal Santa…

Imagine how else Santa could use his iPhone 4S:

  1. Check-in on Foursquare for (you could offer a Special of extra cookies and milk at your house!)apple iphone 4s
  2. Connect with new elves and toy makers and build the “Santa” brand on Linkedin
  3. Send a tweet about his dirty chimney experiences
  4. Do some price comparisons to make sure his elves are staying competitive
  5. Leave a review for the restaurant that made that amazing hot cocoa for his commute home
  6. Scan a QR code on a real estate sign while making his Florida deliveries (off-season vacation)
  7. Facetime with Mrs. Claus to tell her what time he will be home
  8. Manage his Naughty and Nice list in Evernote
  9. Use Instagram to take funny photos of his reindeer
  10. Do a Google search the nearest lumber yard so his elves can have supplies for next years toymaking

The Apple iPhone and iPads are sure to be popular Christmas gifts this year, whether they are delivered by Santa himself or generous friends or family. Great mobile devices and apps expanding the number of people who are searching, shopping and socializing while on-the-go.  Mobile marketing should be an essential part of most marketers plans of action as we move into the new year.

Do you think an iPhone or iPad is under your Christmas tree? How else would you use your iPhone if you were St. Nick? Is mobile marketing part of your 2012 marketing plan?

Photo Credit: netzkobold

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  1. I put off getting the iphone for a long time, now after having it I say things like “and it’s a phone too!”

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