Message from Steve

steve gasser vivid image hutchinson mn web designI need to know I’m making a positive difference with my life and my company. Because of that, I formed a team of people who feel the same way I do – people who want to form relationships with you, their clients, get to know what is important to you, how your business works, and what your goals are. People who genuinely like the customers they work with, people who go the extra mile. Everyone at Vivid Image wants to make a difference for our customers and each person brings a passion and energy to their particular function to live out our company vision:

“To Experience the Joy of Making a Difference in Our Client’s Lives Daily by Taking Small Steps and Celebrating Achievements”

I’m at my best when I’m thinking outside the box. It’s important to me that Vivid Image stays on top of the latest technology so you don’t have to. For us, it’s fun when a client brings the challenge of doing something we’ve never done before. It’s great to make connections with other resources and figure out a solution that really works.

As the Manifesto for Vivid Image states, our core principles are to be caring, engaging, simple, and innovative. Here is one example of how we help to make your experience with us remarkably simple.


As the Chief Evangelist at Vivid Image, my job is to ensure you are just as passionate about working with us as we are with you.  Please contact me at and I will help you get on the path to something remarkable.