Community Involvement

At Vivid Image, we strongly believe that as leaders, we must lead by example and reinvest in making the world a better place. Evidence of this commitment can be seen in the high level of community and International involvement by the Vivid Image team.

When an organization puts value on impacting the world in a good way, it’s remarkable.

martin luther king jr quote on vivid image wall in hutchinson mnVivid Image wants to Be Remarkable for the sake of our company, staff, clients, community and world. On our front entrance wall is the Martin Luther King quote, “Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve.” We want to inspire you to get involved with us in these areas or those of which spark passion for you:

International Service

Rotary International Youth Exchange Program (Beth and Steve)
Hutchinson Rotary (Steve)
Rotary Partnership for Haiti (Entire Team)
Deep Freeze Dunk (Beth)
Haiti Outreach (Entire Staff)

Education Service

St. Anastasia Home & School Committee (Deanna)
Parent Advisory Board for BOLD Early Childhood & Family Education (Jackie)
Coalition Member with the BOLD Early Childhood Initiative, in partnership w/ Southwest Initiative Foundation (Jackie)
School Box Tops/Labels Fundraising Coordinator (Beth)
New Discoveries Montessori School Support Team (Beth)
St. Mary’ School Parent Volunteer (Jackie)

Community Service

Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board (Steve)
Litchfield Chamber of Commerce (Entire Staff)
Tim Orth Memorial Foundation (Jackie)
MOPS Steer Team (Deanna)
Hutchinson Park and Rec Youth Sports Sponsor (Entire Team)
RiverSong Music Festival Sponsor (Entire Team)
Hutchinson Youth Basketball Association (Kori)
Hutchinson Jaycees (Deanna, Sarah S.)
Water Carnival (Entire Team)
McLeod County Senior Expo (Beth)
Faith Lutheran Legacy of Faith Campaign Committee (Beth)
LemonAid Stand (Entire Team)
Hutchinson Community Foundation Board (Steve)
Passport to Hutchinson Committee (Karlie and Beth)
Heart of Hutchinson Committee (Steve)
Crow River Professional Association (Beth)
Ridgewater College Foundation Scholarship Review Volunteers (Beth)
Hutchinson Community Foundation (Steve)
Hutchinson Law Enforcement Park (Sarah)

Service to the Arts Community

Riversong Music Festival marketing committee (Beth)
Hutchinson Center for the Arts Board (Steve)
Vivid Image Rotating Art Display in conjunction with Crow River Arts (Entire Team)
Hutchinson Theatre Company Sponsors (Entire Team)
Hutchinson Photography Club (Karlie)