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website traffic from mobile phone or device, how to measureDear Vivid Image,

There is so much in the news lately about mobile devices. It is important for our business to know how many of our website visitors are accessing our website via a mobile phone or device. Is this something we can figure out, and if so, how?

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Dear Inquisitive,

mobile statistics on google analyticsSome website statistics now measure mobile, but I recommend Google Analytics. If you have Google Analytics set up for your website, then it is quite easy to figure out how many people are accessing your website from a mobile device. This information will help with refining your target market, as well as modifying your mobile marketing initiatives. Simply log into your Google Analytics account, click on “Mobile” on the left-side navigation. You’ll see the number of visitors and percentage of your traffic that is coming from mobile. For specific mobile devices, click on “devices” in the sub-navigation at the left. If you have a high number of visitors coming from mobile devices, you may want to consider a mobile version of your website, mobile offers, and tailored information and services to this demographic.

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