We work with business owners and marketing departments who recognize the need to do online marketing right – but may lack the experience or the time to get it done.

We help you plan where you want to go, build your online presence and engage with your clients to drive more traffic, sales, and referrals to your business.  Through this process we reveal what makes you remarkable.

Website Design

We love the creativity and talent that goes into web 2.0 designs. We love wrapping a beautifully designed interface around new technologies to create something new and different. Visit our portfolio section to get inspired.


Blogs with twist and flare. Have you seen something cool done, but wondered how? WordPress based blogs are our passion. The sky is not the limit; there is NO LIMIT to what can be done. Call us with your ideas now! (320) 587-8974

Social Media

We love to listen. We love to talk. We love to hear from you. That’s why we embrace social media in every aspect. We’ll help you discover ways to use social media to build relationships and enjoy your work day! Email us today at

Mobile Web Development

The future has arrived. Access what you need, when you need, from whatever device is in your hand at the time. Sound cool? It is! And it is increasing communication, efficiencies, and marketing abilities for small businesses. Learn more today-Vivid Image is guaranteed to get really excited about your interest in mobile web development.

Managed Services

What’s better than having tasks done for you? Maybe chocolate, but we’re sure you will love managed services like the rest of our Vivid Image friends. You see, our clients are our friends. We do what we can to treat them right, starting by relieving stress and taking care of tedious, technical tasks like email, domain names, hosting, security, and more. Visit our Managed Services page for more details!