Your message should be clear, concise, and simple.

There is a fine line between getting lost in content overload and missing the selling points.

When Vivid Image does copywriting for websites, we pay special attention to:

  • Knowing who’s reading & why: We learn about your products and company goals, customers and their motivations. Then focus the message to your readers.
  • Keeping it simple & short:  We are clear and concise with fewer words. The experts say about 50% of the text used in a printed brochure should be online.
  • Writing for users first, search engines second:  We include key words and phrases that can be used in the text for search engine optimization, when it’s appropriate.
  • Break it up: When possible, we use headlines, subheads, and bullets to make the message easy to read and understand.
  • Create an action: On each page, what do you want the reader to do next? We drive it home with a clear call to action that creates results.

We know the marketers we work with are very busy. They are anxious to get their website design done, but do not have the time to put into developing the web copy that sells. Let us help bring it all together.

Our copywriting and content creation services range from $500 -$10k depending on the size of the project.

Contact Vivid Image today to request a quote on our copywriting and content creation services!