Blogging could be the single most important thing you do in your online marketing.

Let me say that again.

Blogging could be the single most important thing  you do in your online marketing.

Why are we obsessed with blogging for businesses?

  1. Website Ranking: Search engines love blogs. A blog helps your site rank higher, especially with frequently updated content, remarkable topics your customers are searching for, and relevant categories, keywords, links, photos and tags.
  2. Public Relations: Get the word out about your company or products instantly. Communicate accomplishments, new products, events, etc.
  3. Customer Retention: Blogs increase communication and are a facet of customer service. Your current customers will value the new insight they have into your company.
  4. New Business:  A blog gives you credibility to new prospects and helps you to earn trust and be viewed as an expert.
  5. Be More “Human”: Blogs allow real people to speak out, and make a company more transparent and open.

Most of the websites that Vivid Image builds are in the WordPress platform, because it integrates seamlessly into a blog.

After developing a social media strategy, we will have a plan for co-marketing your social media and blog marketing.  This plan includes blogging and content creation to help you reach your objectives.  Our blogging services could include items such as:

  • Developing a monthly blogging calendar of topics for your blog
  • Writing blog posts that align with your company goals
  • Writing weekly (or more frequent) blog posts
  • Inclusion of customer stories or case studies (take a peak at some for Vivid Image!)
  • Adding SEO friendly categories, tags, photos, links, etc. to posts
  • Adding plugins to WordPress that will encourage sharing of posts
  • Adding RSS Feedburner to your blog for subscribers
  • Adding an email newsletter signup
  • Setting up Gravatars for writers
  • Finding guest writers for your blog
  • Monitoring comments and encouraging engagement
  • Coaching or training on WordPress blogging

Our blogging and content creation services range from $500 to $3000 a month, depending on your objectives and level of co-marketing, and assuming that a WordPress blog is already setup.

Contact Vivid Image today to request a quote on our blogging and social media services!