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At Vivid Image, we believe in small steps.  Whether you need help developing a plan, building your web presence, engaging with your customers via social media, or you are just here to learn, we are here to help.  Here are some of the best resources to start your online marketing journey.

General Marketing
Create your Marketing Plan like a Time Travel Manual
The New 4 P’s of Marketing

How to Recycle Marketing Content
Pro’s vs. Joe’s: How Hiring Professionals Impact your Bottom Line

Website Design & Analytics
5 Things you can do when Considering a Website Redesign
Don’t Stop, Make it Pop: Simple Things You can do to make your Content POP
Top 5 Easiest Things to Do to Increase Website Results 

Marketer, Meet the Landing Page
Your Website’s Health & Vital Statistics
A Glossary of Web Analytics & Terms
How Vivid Image can help you with Website and Blog Development

Local Search & Search Engine Optimization
Hello, I’m… SEO
How to Write Title Tags
Local Search – Claiming What’s Yours
Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide 
What Social Signals Do Google & Bing Really Count?
  Search Engine Land
How Vivid Image can help you with SEO

Social Media
The 5 Step Social Media Strategy
4 Basic Steps to Social Media Setup
3 Reasons to be on Facebook

3 Simple Ways to Manage your Social Life
Using Hashtags on Twitter to Aid your Marketing Efforts

20 Twitter Terms Defined for new Tweeters
50 Ideas for Using Twitter for Business Chris Brogan
How Vivid Image can help you with Social Media

Blogging & Writing
11 Tips to Writing a Great Blog Post

3 Simple Rules of Copywriting

How WordPress Keeps Our Writing in Check
5 Tips to Writing Regular Blog Posts
How Vivid Image can help you with Blogging & Content Creation

Mobile Marketing & QR Codes
A Website is not Enough- Think Mobile

QR Codes – The Next Marketing Frontier
Location-Based Marketing in Rural Minnesota
How Vivid Image can help you with Mobile Marketing