What’s In A Name?

Email Signature Block“You’re blogging about email signatures?  Isn’t that so…1996?”  Well, apparently some global (and local) organizations have ignored the importance of the email/autosignature, or signature block because there are many emails without contact information, or worse, inappropriate personal information on them. This little piece of information is so vital for a business, especially if contact information is erased on a laptop or a digital catastrophe occurs. Autosignatures can help you rebuild your contact list and can be a starting point in building an email database. Don’t take it for granted.

Valuable Branding

This is such a valuable piece of marketing branding which is completely overlooked (much like invoices, but that is a another blog post).  An autosignature does not need to be fancy, but it must convey who you are and what you do.

It should contain:

  • Your Name
  • Your Position within the Organization
  • How to Contact You (ie your phone number and email address)

Optional Information:

  • Organizational mailing address
  • Website URL, especially important if you are a .org, .biz or something less intuitive, especially with the recent changes in domains).
  • Work-Related Social Media handles (This is not the time to broadcast to clients that you are Casonova1972 or VintageVette; this is professional).

How To

If you haven’t updated yours since 1997 or even 2007, it’s time to implement it as an internal or HR campaign throughout your organization.  Develop a standard way of signing emails. If you have various mail programs, Kat Neville’s article on The Art and Science of the Email Signature takes you to several tutorials on creating a signature.  If you are using Outlook, this tutorial is thorough. Have fun updating this vital piece of digital business communication.

More than a Signature

Email/Auto SignatureUse the signature to highlight a new product/feature or benefit to working with your organization.  Michelle highlights this concept at the bottom of her emails perfectly.  Using them sparingly with appropriate links or tagline is a quick, easy way to cross-sell or up-sell and showcase social media links. Correct those signatures, today!

By the way–how is your summer social media homework going? Have you found friends on Facebook? Have you tackled Twitter? It’s not too late to start.

PS. Complete the line & reference the Shakespeare work from this blog post title in the comments section for a “gold star”.



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