Need some one-on-one time?  Our unique coaching program is designed for businesses and non-profits who want personalized help with their online marketing.   We’ll keep the inspiration and motivation flowing to help you accomplish goals and enjoy the results! You’ll love the consistent, easy, step-by-step leadership you’ll receive from your coach. People participating in our coaching program receive individual coaching sessions, as well as the following options based on your unique goals:

  • Individual Social Marketing Plan
  • Clearly defined goals and measurement
  • Out-of-the box marketing ideas unique to your niche area
  • A clearly defined blog plan
  • Assistance with article writing
  • 10 Step Twitter Process Guide
  • Help setting up social media accounts
  • Starter Twitter list of people to follow in your target market
  • Structure for writing quality tweets on Twitter
  • 10 Step Facebook Process Guide
  • Structure for posting quality updates on Facebook
  • Google Analytics help
  • Personalized training

Do you have a blog, but don’t know what to blog about?

Don’t know if Twitter is right for you?

Totally overwhelmed with all the social media options?

Like what you see?  Give us a try!

Call us at 320.587.8974, send an email to, or fill out our Request A Quote page for enrollment availability in our Coaching Program! Prepare to see social marketing and small business results in a whole new way.