Speaking Engagments

Our “Social Media Tour Across the Midwest” is ready to roll!  We have had recent speaking speaking stops in Montevideo, Litchfield, Delano, Olivia, Slayton, Hutchinson, Arlington, Worthington, Kerkhoven, Redwood Falls, Marshall, and Annandale!  Then we added Gibbon, Fairfax, Winthrop, Eden Valley, Watkins, Bird Island,  New Ulm, Atwater, Cosmos, Grove City, Granite Falls, Madelia, Norwood/Young America and more.  Check out this page to see when we are coming to a community near you!

Our Range of Topics include:

Social Marketing

It’s New, It’s Cool & You Need to Know More: Social marketing is a term used for an online movement; new ways people connect and share on the Internet. From YouTube and Facebook to Twitter and Delicious, these social marketing tools change the way businesses work, market to target groups, get feedback, establish branding, solicit recommendations, and more. In this session you will:

  • Learn about social marketing and see good examples
  • Break social networking into smaller pieces to try for your business/organization
  • Determine a first step to growing your business by networking online
  • Ask Questions, Discuss, Get Answers
  • The 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success – As Minnesota’s only certified DuctTape Marketing coach, Steve teaches how to:
  • Make qualified prospects pick up the phone and call you
  • Enjoy picking and choosing the clients you want to work with
  • Become a well-known and recognized expert in your industry
  • Attract more clients without feeling pushy or like a salesperson

Everyday Entrepreneurs

Why small business fail and what to do to about it – Throughout this thought-provoking session, you’ll be shocked and amazed by what it truly takes to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Review and profile four entrepreneurs, rate their likelihood for success and learn the seven reasons businesses fail and what can be done to avoid them.

Internet R.O.I.

Accomplishing more with less of your available technology resources – A web site can serve as the primary platform between your company and customers and must be organized in an informative, user-friendly way. Steve shows how to evaluate web sites and bring them to optimum performance.


LinkedIn is a professional network with more than 30 million experienced professionals. Create a profile that summarizes your professional accomplishments and helps you find and be found by former colleagues, clients and partners. Add more connections by inviting trusted contacts to connect with you. Your network can link you to thousands of qualified professionals. In this session, you will:

  • Build your LinkedIn profile
  • Learn connection strategies to find others in LinkedIn
  • Enhance your resume and get online recommendations
  • Connect with potential employers and network with others in your industry

Facebook for Business

If you haven’t been on Facebook, that’s ok. This session is perfect for new and beginning users. Facebook offers benefits and features to businesses willing to explore the possibilities of this amazing networking tool. In this session you will:

  • Learn what it takes to get set-up on Facebook
  • How Facebook works and gathers demographic data
  • See examples of businesses using Facebook
  • Gather ideas how you can get started using Facebook for your business

The Power of Email Marketing

As a certified Constant Contact Trainer, Steve shows how email marketing – the hands-on, low-cost marketing tool – can drive business success. Discover how regular customer communication helps you stay connected, generate increased referrals, repeat sales, and loyalty. Learn how to start and build a strong permission-based customer list, get your audience to open, read and act on your email, and use past results to sharpen your email marketing program. Learn the best practices and proven strategies to: Connect, Inform and Grow.

Basic Website Statistics

Understand What’s Going On – Steve teaches how to get the most out of website statistics so you can make effective business decisions. Learn basic website statistics, put the “hits” myth to rest, set some baseline statistics and make decisions (based on statistics) that will impact your business.